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Product Applications
Caustic soda Viscose rayon, sodium polyphosphate, sodium silicate, sodium sulphite, monosodium glutamate, refinery, soap, detergent, pulp and paper
Chlorine Sodium hypochlorite, calcium hypochlorite, poly vinyl chloride, polycarbonate, epichlorohydrin, poly aluminium chloride, water treatment, chlorinated paraffin wax
Hydrochloric acid Monosodium glutamate, glutamic acid, metal pickling, petroleum refinery, floor cleaning products, brewery, galvanising, water treatment
Sodium hypochlorite Bleaching agent for rayon, pulp and paper, cotton, linen and jute, disinfectant and deodorant in dairies, water treatment (chlorination), household bleach, pool chlorination
Hydrogen Hydrogenation of edible oils for manufacture of Vanaspati and non-edible oils for manufacture of soaps and petro-products for the manufacture of hard lubricants, sintering in the manufacture of Tungsten Carbide tool bits and in powder metallurgy, underwater gas cutting and plasma cutting, manufacture of hydrogen peroxide, rocket propulsion
Chlorine derivatives
Product Applications
Epichlorohydrin Epoxy resins, polyamide-epichlorohydrin wet strength resin production in paper industry, ion exchange resin, polyamide water treatment chemicals, quaternary amines, crosslinking agent in modified starch
Chlorinated paraffin Poly vinyl chloride, metal working oils, paints, polymeric materials, sealants, leather treatment chemicals, lubricants (cutting oil), rexin cloth, textile industry, gear oils
Chlorosulphonic acid Dyes, dye intermediates and pigments, synthetic sweeteners, drugs and pharmaceuticals, ion exchange resins, pesticides
Stable bleaching powder Water treatment, textile industry, epidemic control, aqua culture, carpet industry, pulp and paper industry, health departments, hotels, offices, homes
Polyaluminium chloride Water treatment (high basicity), neutral paper sizing and effluent treatment, acidic paper sizing neutral paper sizing and effluent treatment
Anhydrous aluminium chloride Friedel Craft reaction, Ibuprofen, bulk drugs, ethyl benzene, isopropyl benzene, titanium dioxide, hydrocarbon resins, terpene resins, polybutenes and dyestuffs industry
Calcium chloride Mud chemical, completion fluid, dehumidifier, de-icer, food preservative, electrolyte, fire extinguisher additive, fabric softener, cement paint manufacturing
Epoxy resins
Product Applications
Curing agents
Waterborne curing agents Self-leveling, trowelable flooring, coatings, water wipeable tile grouts
Phenolic curing agents Fusion bonded epoxy coatings (re-bar and pipe)
Modified cycloaliphatic amine curing agents Self-levelling floorings, primers, top coats, mortars and water wipeable tile grouts
Modified aliphatic amine curing agents Chemical resistant floorings,mortars, coatings and linings, solvent-free coatings
Phenalkamines Coatings
Cycloaliphatic epoxy resins Weather resistant solvent-based coatings for outdoor applications
Epoxy phenol novolac resins high temperature resistant adhesives, corrosion resistant marine coatings, maintenance coatings, industrial coatings, tank linings, pipe coatings, primers in automotive, coil and appliances and manufacturing of epoxy vinyl esters
Epoxy systems Floor toppings, grouts, heavy duty mortars, crack injection, wider crack filling systems, expansion joint filling systems and adhesives
Liquid epoxy resins
Unmodified bisphenol-A based epoxy resins Protective coatings, industrial maintenance paints, underwater coatings, structural adhesives and civil engineering applications
Reactive diluent modified bisphenol-A based epoxy resins Civil engineering, adhesives and low volatile organic compounds coatings
Unmodified bisphenol-F based epoxy resins Civil engineering, adhesives and low volatile organic compounds coatings
Modified bisphenol-A/F based epoxy resins Laminates, civil engineering and coatings
Reactive diluents
Reactive diluents Formulating solvent-free paint and coating compounds as well as additives in combination with other polymers
Cycloaliphatic reactive diluents Coatings, civil applications, electronic encapsulation
Aromatic reactive diluents Adhesives, floorings, construction applications, casting, tooling, potting and encapsulation
Solid epoxy resins
Medium molecular weight (standard viscosity) epoxy resins General purpose powder coatings for electric panel boards, automobile spares, bathroom fittings, decorative articles and fixtures
Medium molecular weight (low viscosity) epoxy resins Hybrid powder coatings, high gloss, good flow pure epoxy powder coatings
Modified epoxy resins Special formulations to meet the end use requirements of critical applications
High molecular weight epoxy resins Coatings for beverage and beer cans, sea food cans, fruit juice cans, enclosures for glass bottles, crown caps and coatings for aerosol/perfume spray bottles, general lining for dry food packs such as containers for cookies, cold creams, marker pens, roofing sheets, sheets for appliance bodies, sheet metal furniture and modulated office cabins
Solvent-cut epoxy resins Protective coatings, marine paints and varnishes
Waterborne epoxy resins Textile binder, civil, protective coatings for steel and concrete, adhesives, fibre sizing
Product Applications
Peroxide Cosmetics, detergents and peroxide based bleaches, disinfection, effluent treatment and emission control, electronics, electroplating and metallurgy, food, leather tanning, mining, oilfield, pharmaceutical, poultry, power plant, textile, uranium, wood bleaching
Hydrogen peroxide Textile bleaching, pulp and paper bleaching, leather tanning, electronic - PCB copper etching
Peracetic acid Food
Birlox 1, Birlox 5, Birlox 12, Birlox 15 Seafood, dairies, wineries, breweries and beverage plants
Product Applications
Food grade
Blended phosphates Seafood, meat and cheese
Dipotassium phosphate Buffering agent, emulsifier in manufacture of coffee creamer
Monosodium phosphate Animal feed, toothpaste, evaporated milk
Sodium acid pyrophosphate Leavening agent in bakery products, canning seafood, potato treatment
Sodium hexametaphosphate Dairy products, sausages, seafood and meat processing
Sodium tripolyphosphate Meat processing, seafood, frozen shrimp, sausage, modified starch
Tetrasodium pyrophosphate Meat processing, seafood, pet food, toothpaste
Trisodium phosphate Cereal food, toothpaste and processed cheese
Technical grade
Chlorinated trisodium phosphate Cleaning agent
Disodium phosphate Dyestuff, metal treatment
Monosodium phosphate Dyestuff, metal treatment, and enzymes
Sodium acid pyrophosphate Oil drilling, detergent, chemical stabiliser
Sodium hexametaphosphate Boiler water treatment, paint, textile, ceramic tiles, and refractories
Sodium tripolyphosphate Detergent, cleaning agent, ceramic tiles, water treatment, metal treatment and paints
Tetrasodium pyrophosphate Detergent, metal treatment, cleaning agents and paints
Trisodium phosphate Industrial detergents, metal treatment, toilet floor cleaners
Phosphoric acid
Product Applications
Phosphoric acid Pre-treatment chemicals for metal surfaces, detergents and cleaners, sugar refining, phosphates, edible oils, colas, bakery, cheese, pharmaceuticals, yeast formation, etc
Product Applications
Sulphites Pulp and paper, water treatment, boiler water, chemicals and drugs, rubber industry, photography, food industry, fibre industry, chlor-alkali, leather industry, explosives, minerals, detergents, treatment of waste water, gold mining,
Birlasulf - SS Pulp, chemical industry, rubber, photography, fibre, leather, oil
Birlasulf - SM Fruits, starch, textile industry, purifying and isolating aldehydes and ketones
Birlasol - 35 Fruits, textile industry
Vintage Wine and beer processing, food, pharmaceuticals, photography
Viscose filament yarn
Product Applications
Viscose filament yarn Textile industry
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