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Kanpac series

The Kanpac series of polyaluminium chloride-based liquid coagulants is manufactured by Aditya Birla Chemicals (India).

The chemical constituents of Kanpac-10 and Kanpac-10MB include ions of aluminium hydroxide, chloride and small quantity of sulphate. Aluminium is present in both the products in the form of oligomeric and polymeric structures, with only a small portion being present in monomeric form.

The polymeric structure helps to form significantly large and stable 'flocs' (aggregate), which adsorb colloids and other impurities present in water. Additionally, the presence of hydroxide ions restricts the drop in the pH of treated water.


  • Enhanced coagulation / flocculation power
  • Effective performance at extreme turbidity levels
  • Wide pH and temperature range


  • Kanpac-10 and Kanpac-10MB finds application in water treatment plants / equipment.
  • Undiluted solution of the products is added to raw water, followed by immediate high agitation to ensure proper mixing.

The other polyaluminium chloride products under the Kanpac series include:

  • Kanpac-18 and Kanpac-14 for paper sizing
  • Kanpac-18w, Kantreat and Kanclear for effluent and sewage treatment

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