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Shaktiman is a brand of stable bleaching powder from Aditya Birla Chemicals (India), having a very high degree of solubility in water and low bulk density. The product is free-flowing and fluffy. Due to its superior bleaching properties, Shaktiman is a preferred choice in the textile bleaching industry.

Shaktiman (calcium hypochlorite) is produced in a state-of-the-art plant using high-spurity hydrated lime, which is chlorinated under a controlled temperature at high vacuum. The process is carried out batch-wise and dry free-flowing bleaching powder with the required chlorine content is produced. The product is highly stable because of free calcium oxide.

Shaktiman, when dissolved in water, quickly liberates chlorine and nearly 90-94 per cent of its available chlorine content becomes free within 15 minutes, to take part in the bleaching process. This allows for extra power bleaching.

Due to its extra fineness, Shaktiman leaves minimum residue when dissolved in water for disinfection / sterilisation. This provides extra protection.

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