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Aditya Birla Chemicals manufactures caustic soda, which releases hydrogen as a by-product. The gas is further treated / filtered and compressed for application in hydrogenation.

Product specifications:
Formula H2
Synonym Hydrogen
Specifications Hydrogen by mass volume, per cent: Min. 99.6
Oxygen by volume, ppm: Max. 4
  • Hydrogenation of edible oils for manufacture of Vanaspati and non-edible oils for manufacture of soaps
  • Hydrogenation of petro-products for the manufacture of hard lubricants
  • Sintering in the manufacture of tungsten carbide tool bits and in powder metallurgy
  • For underwater gas cutting and plasma cutting
  • For the manufacture of hydrogen peroxide
  • Rocket propulsion
Packaging / transportation

47litre water capacity cylinders, manifolds system

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