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Reactive diluents

Reactive diluents are used to reduce the viscosity of the base resin based on bisphenol A, F, and in epoxy phenol novolac resins to improve handling and ease of processing in various applications. They are used in formulating solvent-free paint and coating compounds as well as additives in combination with other polymers to improve adhesion and stabilisation against degeneration reactions. Besides, they can be also used to optimise performance properties such as impact strength, adhesion, flexibility, filler-loading and solvent resistance of the epoxy system.

The Epotec range of reactive diluents are epoxy groups containing functional products, which are low-viscosity glycidyl ethers, that can react with curing agents to become a part of the cross-linked epoxy system.

The Epotec series of reactive diluents is manufactured by Aditya Birla Chemicals (Thailand) and offers the broadest product range available worldwide.

Epotec reactive diluents are divided into three groups – aliphatic, aromatic and cycloaliphatic. They are further classified based on their functionality as mono-functional, di-functional and tri-functional.

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