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Hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is the most common inorganic peroxide. Due to its oxidising properties, it is used in bleach formulations, disinfection applications and also in the manufacture of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

The product is used as a bleaching agent in the production of paper pulp; as a reagent for chemical synthesis; in the detoxification and purification of water and effluent and for copper etching of printed circuit boards and cleaning semiconductors.

Hydrogen peroxide is manufactured by Thai Peroxide.

Product specifications:
Formula H2O2
Specification Chemical family: PEROXYGEN
CAS No.: 7722-84-1
Hazard class: NFPA hazard class II oxidiser
UN Number: 2014
Grade Hydrogen peroxide is produced in two concentrations: 35 per cent and 50 per cent
Properties H2O2 - 35% H2O2 - 50%
H2O2 35% 50%
Water 65% 50%
Specific gravity @ 20oC 1.13 1.19
pH 2.0-3.0 1.0-3.0
% stability, 3 hours 99.6 99.6
H2O2, gms/l 369 600
Grades Applications
Standard grade - 50%

Standard LT grade - 50%

AP grade - 35%

Environment friendly replacement to chlorine for:

  • Textile bleaching
  • Pulp and paper bleaching
  • Leather tanning
  • Electronic - PCB copper etching

Base chemical - 35% and 50% H2O2

APTF Grade - 35% Conforms to US-Food Codex Standard, high purity peroxide suitable for bath type aseptic packaging of milk and fruit juices
Base chemical - 35% H2O2
APF Grade - 35% Conforms to US-Food Codex Standard, high purity peroxide suitable for spray type aseptic packaging of milk and fruit juices
Base chemical - 35% H2O2
MAXSTAB Grade-50% Highly stable peroxide suitable for making chlorine-free household cleaning agents
Base chemical - 50% H2O2
ECARE Specially formulated for prawn farms and aquaculture. Improves productivity of shrimp farms through better management of pond water without creating pollution
Base chemical - 50% H2O2
ENCARE A formulated product providing a powerful, safe, versatile, selective and environment friendly solution to treat pollutants in waste water and emissions
Base chemical - 50% H2O2
Products Applications
Hydrogen peroxide for the environment
  • Environment friendly: breaks down to water and oxygen
  • Removes odour: from domestic, municipal and industrial waste water (caused by sulphur compounds, amines, mercaptans and aldehydes)
  • Controls corrosion by destroying residual chlorine, sulphides, sulphites, thiosulphates, which form corrosive acids
  • BOD / COD reduction by activating inorganic and organic oxidation
  • Gas scrubber for Sox/ NOx, H2S emissions
  • Supplies oxygen: dissolved oxygen (0.235 ppm DO per ppm of ENCARE)
Hydrogen peroxide in aquaculture
  • Quickly supplies dissolved oxygen to pond water
  • Controls nitrite and poisons like CN, hydrogen sulphide
  • Oxidises organic waste to prevent formation of toxic chemicals
  • Controls the growth of plankton / algae
  • Helps moulting and fast growth of prawns
  • Maintains hygiene and minimises mortality of prawns
  • Saves time and manpower for pond soil tilling and preparation between each harvest
HERLISIL Area of application Purpose
Herlisil 846 Seafood, fruits and vegetable packaging Dipping wash disinfection / slime removal from equipment. Prevents fish gill decomposition / surface disinfection of equipment / yeast washing
Process water Water disinfection
Drinking water tanks / equipment / pipelines / water tube-wells Disinfection of cleaned surfaces to prevent recurring bacterial corrosion
Cooling towers / air conditioning Water disinfection, algae and biofouling control
Beverage industry and breweries Bottle washer / pipeline disinfection
Poultry farm Disinfection of coop / chick's drinking water
Herlisil - B Pools / spa / fountains Water treatment and disinfection
Herlisil Clean Spray Floors and tiles Smell-free disinfection
Electronic grade peroxide Printed circuit board Etching
Wafer manufacturing Cleaning
Packaging and transportation
  • Hydrogen peroxide is shipped in polyethylene drums of 30 kg, 240 kg and 1MT IBCs. These drums are fitted with specially designed vented caps to ensure safe storage and transportation.
  • For bulk quantity customers within Thailand, we deliver hydrogen peroxide through our dedicated tank-trucks of 12 MT capacity. Services are offered to provide bulk storage of 1 MT, 8 MT, 12 MT in polyethylene construction. Services are provided for engineering, design and installation of the dosing system at customer site.
  • For deliveries outside Thailand, we supply in 30/240-kg polyethylene drums loaded on shipping containers or in isotainers of 20 MT capacity for bulk users.
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