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Food grade phosphates

Food grade phosphates are classified into speciality and blended phosphates.

Food grade phosphates find application in the food processing industry as buffers, emulsifiers, nutrients and discolouration inhibitors. They are mainly used in frozen and cured meat, fisheries, bakery products, milk, cheese, powdered food, breakfast cereal, petfood, animal feed products and dehydrated potatoes. They are also used in making toothpastes.

The blended phosphates provide synergistic effect in seafood, meat and cheese applications. The phosphates produced by Aditya Birla Chemicals (Thailand) are marketed under the brand names Pearl, Gusto and Corino.

The various products manufactured by Aditya Birla Chemicals (Thailand) phosphates division under the food grade category include:
Blended phosphates
Dipotassium phosphate
Monosodium phosphate
Sodium acid pyrophosphate
Sodium hexametaphosphate
Sodium tripolyphosphate
Tetrasodium pyrophosphate
Trisodium phosphate

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