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Sodium bisulphite

Sodium bisulphite (also known as sodium hydrogen sulphite) is marketed under the brand name Birlasol 35.

Birlasol 35 is a strong reducing agent and is widely used in the food additives and chemical industries.

Sodium bisulphite is manufactured by Aditya Birla Chemicals (Thailand).

Product specifications:
Formula: NaHSO3
Synonyms: Sodium hydrogen sulphite


  • As a preservative in fruits and starch
  • As an enzyme inhibitor in melanin formation (black and brown spots)

Treatment of waste water
As an antichlor and in the detoxification of cyanide and chromate

Chemical and pharmaceutical

  • For purifying and isolating aldehydes and ketones
  • For destroying waste bromine

For bleaching wool and jute

For solubilising tanning extracts

Paper and pulp

  • For bleaching ground wood
  • As an antichlor
Photography and film
For developer solutions and acidifying fixing baths
Packaging / transportation
  • 1,000kg IBCs (5 IBCS per six-wheeler truck)
  • Also transported in tank cars, 12Mt tanker
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