Leavening Agent

  • Calcium Phosphate derivatives are used in Bakery Premixes, Cakes, muffins, Waffles & Cookies-As a leavening agent that helps improve volume and appearance of the final product. It is also used as a Taste enhancer and Anti-caking agent.


  • Phosphoric acid is used in the Degumming process which is the in the Edible Oil refining process. It is used to separate the gums, phospholipids, proteins, etc. that are insoluble in the oil when hydrated. This reduces the Oil losses during alkali refining as a result of emulsifying action of phospholipids and avoids discoloration of oil during heating, caused by the gum impurities.


  • Sugar refining involves adding phosphoric acid to the melted sugar and removing the precipitate as a layer from the top of a flotation clarifier. 
  • Phosphoric acid also finds use during the making of Jaggery, giving it firmness and clear appearance.

Mineral Supplement

  • Calcium Phosphate derivatives are useful in General Health Food Supplements, Protein Powders-As a source of calcium and phosphorus in nutritional supplements. They have furthermore good free-flowing properties & are appropriate as carrier material.